Left luggage

It happens to the best of us … we live busy lives, and it is easy to leave some of our belongings behind on the train.

We do our utmost to make sure you are re-united with your left luggage. Please contact our Customer Service on the same day that you discover something is missing. Outside business hours, please call +47 23 15 90 00 and press 1 to contact our security service for assistance (05:00 - 01:00).

If we are unable to contact you directly, we will deliver lost items to the "Left Luggage Office" at Oslo Airport. They can be contacted by telephone  +47 64 81 34 77 (every day 05.00 – 22.00) or by email hittegods.osl@iss.no. You can also search for any items of left luggage on www.missingx.com.