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Service Excellence

You are our guest. And we wish to fill all of our guests with enthusiasm, whoever they are. We call this Service Excellence.
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Whenever you travel by the Airport Express Train all of our staff are your hosts. As our guest, you are at the centre of everyone’s attention. You will meet some of us aboard the train, other on the stations, but most of us you will never meet. The people who work to make sure that the trains are running, those in control of operations, those who make all the plans, and those who work to develop and maintain our customer systems. However, we promise you that we are all thinking of you. You guide us in everything we do – every single day. We call this Service Excellence.

As our guest, you are the person to decide whether we have succeeded in our mission to fill you with enthusiasm. As your host, we are keen to know how you rate us. We wish to listen, and you are very welcome to get in touch. We call this Service Excellence.

Welcome aboard our trains.