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Terms of sale via Flytoget’s online shop

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Terms of sale via Flytoget’s online shop include all conditions associated with purchases on Flytoget.no. For further information about your passenger rights, see Flytoget’s condition of carriage. For further information about Flytoget’s use and protection of personal data, please see Flytoget’s personal data protection statement, the Flytoget app or flytoget.no.

1.      The agreement

The agreement consists of these terms of sale, information provided in the purchase order solution, and any specific terms and conditions agreed by the parties in writing. In case of conflict between the various sources of information, any specific agreement between the parties will take precedence provided this is not in breach of any statutory provisions.

The agreement is further complemented by relevant legislation that regulates the purchase of goods by consumers.

2.      The parties

The seller is Flytoget AS, Biskop Gunnerus’ gate 14 Posthuset, flytoget@flytoget.no, 23 15 90 00, organisation number 965 694 404, to be referred to as the ‘Seller’ below.

The buyer is the consumer who submits the order, to be referred to as the ‘Buyer’ below.

3.      Prices

The price quoted for goods and services is the total price payable by the Buyer. This price is inclusive of all taxes and additional charges to ensure that you, as our customer, has complete predictability.

Prices are given in NOK and are inclusive of VAT.

Estimated currency conversions are provided to help international customers understand the price in their local currency. The estimate is only provided for guidance and payment will be made in Norwegian currency. The real cost will be calculated according to the exchange rate at the time of purchase. Any costs associated with currency conversions are not included in the payments made in Norwegian kroner.

4.      Entering into an agreement

The agreement is binding to both parties once the Buyer has submitted his/her order to the Seller.

However, the agreement is not binding if the Seller’s purchase order solution or the Buyer’s order includes spelling or typing errors that were identified or should have been identified by the other party.

In order to complete the purchase, you need to enter a valid mobile phone number and an email address, to enable us to manage your purchase, provide efficient customer service and despatch your tickets and receipt.

You will also need to provide valid payment card details to our payment service provider, Nets.

Your personal data will be handled in accordance with current regulations for the processing of personal data. For further information, please refer to Flytoget’s personal data protection statement.

5.      Payment

The Seller may demand payment for the goods on despatch from the Seller to the Buyer. The goods will be despatched immediately on confirmation of the purchase from Nets, provided the means of payment is valid.

If the Buyer uses a credit or debit card as means of payment, the Seller may place a reserve on the account for the purchase price at the time of receiving the order. The card will be charged on the day the ticket is bought.

All purchases and payments are handled by the payment service provider who acts as data processor on Flytoget’s behalf.

Flytoget accepts the payment cards listed in connection with purchases from the online shop and when you register your payment card with Nets.

Payment is completed when the payment card has been confirmed by Nets.

6.      Delivery

Delivery is deemed to have taken place when the ticket(s) has/have been transferred to the Buyer or his representative. The tickets have been transferred as soon as the Buyer has received the ticket(s) on the email address registered for the purchase.

Flytoget’s online shop despatches tickets electronically by email immediately following a confirmed purchase.

Ticket(s) and receipts will be delivered to your email address in PDF format, with a link provided for display in your web browser. Each ticket is delivered individually in PDF format. If you buy a return ticket, this will be despatched as two tickets in separate PDF files.

7.      Right to cancel

In compliance with section 22 of the Norwegian Right to Cancel Act, Flytoget does not offer cancellation rights if there is a set period of validity for using the services.

8.      Using the tickets

In order to use tickets purchased via Flytoget’s online shop, you need to have bought and downloaded them before the journey starts, always ensuring that the tickets are for the correct line section and ticket category.

The tickets are designed for printing on an A4 sheet or display in a PDF reader or a web browser on a mobile device.

When travelling from Oslo Airport, tickets are read at the barrier before you go down to the platform. When travelling to Oslo Airport, tickets are read at the barriers on arrival.

Tickets are valid for a specific validity period from the time of purchase, for a single journey on a specified line section, irrespective of direction of travel but not for a specific time of travel. See also Flytoget’s conditions of carriage.

Children under the age of 16 do not need a ticket if they are accompanied by an adult. Children will be assisted through the barriers by Flytoget’s personnel, or they may use the children’s portal.

The ticket must be available for inspection throughout the Flytoget train journey.

9.      Flytoget's responsibility

The online shop will normally be available, and its functionalities will be working without fault. However, Flytoget’s online shop depends on a number of systems in order to work optimally.

Flytoget’s online shop, or some of its functionalities, may occasionally be unavailable, for example during maintenance activities.

Flytoget is not responsible for any direct or indirect loss that you or anybody else may suffer in connection with using Flytoget’s online shop, or if the online shop cannot be used as expected.

Should a situation arise in which wrong information is provided on Flytoget.no and this means that you incur costs by arranging alternative means of transport or taking other necessary initiative, Flytoget’s conditions of carriage apply.

Flytoget may change the functionalities of Flytoget’s online shop or may choose to stop its trading activities.

10.      The customer's responsibility

You are responsible for ensuring that you are buying a correct ticket in accordance with our ticket category rules. The online shop provides a link to the rules that apply for each ticket category in connection with ticket purchases.

You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide is correct.

You are responsible for using a valid means of payment.

If you are using a mobile device, you are responsible for ensuring that the device is available, the screen is readable, and the device has sufficient battery power from the time of boarding until you have passed the Airport Express barriers at Oslo Airport or when alighting at your journey’s destination. You may be requested to display your ticket by our on-train inspectors.

If you are in material breach of these terms or Flytoget’s conditions of carriage, you may be refused access to Flytoget’s sales outlets.

11.      Contacting us

Contact Flytoget’s Customer Services by chat on flytoget.no, by email at flytoget@flytoget.no or by telephone on 23 15 90 00.