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Some travel light, others do not. The Airport Express Train has been designed to ensure that you can be securely seated in comfort and with peace of mind whatever luggage you choose to bring with you on your journey.
Eldre kofferter på rekke

Prams and pushchairs

Every Airport Express train has a carriage fitted with straps for securing prams and pushchairs. This is the rear carriage when you travel to the airport, and the front carriage when you travel from the airport. If you have a foldable pram or pushchair that can fit into a luggage shelf, you may sit wherever you like aboard the train. Our staff will assist you should you have any questions, and of course there is no charge for the pram or pushchair.


Are you in training for a bike race, are you heading for Amsterdam, or can you simply not bear to be separated from your bike? Bicycles are free of charge on the Airport Express trains and we provide special lockers to make sure they travel securely. If you work at Oslo Airport, special rates apply.

Left luggage

It happens to all of us … We live such busy lives, it is easy to leave some of our belongings behind on the train. We could write a long article about the remarkable items we have found.

We do our utmost to make sure you are reunited with your lost luggage. Please contact our Customer service on the same day that you discover something is missing. Outside business hours, please call +47 23 15 90 00 and press 1 to contact our security service for assistance (05:00 - 01:00).

If we are unable to contact you directly, we will deliver lost items to the "Lost and found" office at Oslo Airport. They can be contacted by telephone +47 64 81 34 77 (every day 05.00 – 22.00) or by email hittegods.osl@iss.no. You can also search for any items of left luggage on www.missingx.com.