Use of cookies

1. What are cookies

Cookies are used by most websites. They are tiny text files that are stored by the browser on your computer. This enables the website to remember your actions and preferences over time, making the interaction between yourself and the website simpler while improving the user experience.

There are two main types of cookies: session cookies and permanent, or persistent, cookies. Session cookies are deleted at the end of each session, as you close your browser. Most cookies are stored on your machine or device and remain active until a specified expiry date. Permanent cookies are often used in connection with personalisation of web pages, such as menu choices, language preferences and authentication.

2. How does Flytoget make use of cookies

Flytoget makes use of cookies to collect data for statistics, evaluation, marketing and optimalisation of the content on Cookies are stored in you browser in order to simplify web page navigation. The most commonly used browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc.) have been set up to accept cookies automatically, but you can opt to change the settings to ensure that cookies are disallowed, see paragraph 3. makes use of the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics
  • Adform

Flytoget collects the following information from users who visit

  • IP-address
  • Type of browser
  • Operating system
  • Number of visits
  • Pages visited and the time of each visit

3. Settings and storage of cookies

By retrieving information and/or using the services available from and the associated web pages, you consent to having cookies installed in your browser. If you prefer not to accept cookies, you may withdraw this consent by deleting existing cookies, blocking all future cookies or by giving permission for any new cookies to be stored. If you choose to block all cookies from Flytoget’s web pages, you will be able to read the content, but you may feel that your visit to the site provides a less personal experience and only restricted access to our range of services.